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Report shows poor interest in disease prevention in the UK

There is a clear gap between what Britons know they should be doing to prevent illness and what they are doing to actively manage their health, according to a report launched recently by Philips Healthcare. However, the report, which surveyed over 2,000 members of the British public and 400 healthcare professionals (HCPs), also shows the potential for data and technology to help people break free from this inertia and take increased responsibility.

Key findings:

  • 66% of those who do not actively manage their own health believe they would benefit from doing so
  • 87% of those asked agree that individuals should take responsibility for their health

The Picture of Health Report reveals some encouraging signs that as a nation the UK is moving towards a healthier path, according to its authors. When interviewing HCPs, almost a third (29%) report that half of their patients come to appointments wanting to take control their health, and one in ten people say they are actively tracking and managing their health with a connected device (e.g. wearable technology, smartphone or app).  Of those using a connected device to track and manage their health, a staggering 88% say it has led to a positive change of habit. Interestingly, HCPs believe 55% of patients who share health data are more motivated to adhere to their treatments, showing that the right information being made available can help patients with the management of their health.

philips-picture-of-health-report---final-embargo-until-20th-oct-16_previewThe report “shows that people know prevention is better than cure, with a sizeable 76% of adults believing good habits lead to better health,” according to Sean Hughes, Vice-President, Philips Design, Healthcare. “There is, however, a gap between patients and HCPs with just 19% of HCPs believing patients have the ability to manage their health effectively,” Hughes continues.

“The report found that two-thirds (66%) of those people not actively managing their health believe that they would benefit from doing so. This is where companies like Philips can empower and enable people to take an active role in their own health,” added Hughes.

HCPs surveyed for the report share this optimism, with 75% of those asked believing that improving the connection between patient data and treatment would lead to better patient outcomes, cost savings (43%) and reduced administration time (33%). It appears that HCPs are keen to see the change with over half (54%) wanting technology companies to create solutions that allow primary and secondary professionals to be better connected.

Published on: October 30, 2015

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