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‘Ultrasound-on-demand’ service launched in the UK

A new ‘Ultrasound on demand’ scheme, launched recently in the UK by Philips, is believed to be the first of its kind providing imagers with access to the latest technology for a monthly fee, it is designed to offer a range of hi-spec ultrasound packages that are charged for as and when they are used.

With more than 50 options, ‘Ultrasound on demand’ will also enable access to advanced facilities – such as 3D-transoesophageal echo (TOE) – which were previously limited by the restrictions of necessary upfront investment costs.

BJC Arrhythmia Watch asked Cardiologist Dr Alison Duncan (Royal Brompton Hospital), to comment on the concept:

“The control and convenience of ‘On-demand’ purchases offered by a la carte ultrasound provision, paying only for programmes when they are actually used, should increase efficiency and flexibility in imaging services. If an ultrasound program, package, or probe is required in a certain area, it can be provided and used as soon as it is required: similarly, if a programme, package, or probe is underutilised, it can be relocated elsewhere for maximum use,” Dr Duncan said.

Dr Alison Duncan (Royal Brompton Hospital)

Dr Alison Duncan (Royal Brompton Hospital)

“With monthly invoices (so you know what you are paying for) and regular use-review, ‘Ultrasound on demand’ can be “custom-made” for clinicians and the type of echocardiographic service they provide. With no capital expenditure budget, costs can be linked to revenue, while a monthly fee cap ensures peace of mind. Users incur a charge only when a programme is used, without the risk associated with purchasing specialist probes and software outright”.

“In the contemporary ‘pay-as-you go’ era, ‘Ultrasound on demand’ is an innovative facility that offers flexibility and reliability of ultrasound services for patients and users alike,” Dr Duncan concluded.

Published on: July 30, 2015

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