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Non-medical ILR implants cost-saving

A service has been developed which can safely insert implantable loop recorders (ILRs) in a non-medical, non-catheter laboratory (cath lab) environment, according to a study published recently in the British Journal of Cardiology.1

The development of this service has had several major patient and organisational benefits that include shorter waiting times, fewer cancellations and increased flexibility to implant ‘urgent’ devices in transient loss of consciousness (TLOC), say the authors.

The latter was found to reduce length of stay within the emergency assessment unit (EAU). Moreover, the department was able to undertake more procedures in the cath lab, with data from 2013–14 suggesting that an additional 32 × four-hour cath lab sessions were made available for alternative use.

Alun Roebuck (Lincolnshire Heart Centre)

Alun Roebuck (Lincolnshire Heart Centre)

Speaking to BJC Arrhythmia Watch, lead author Alun Roebuck (Consultant Nurse in Cardiology and Associate Chief Nurse, Lincolnshire Heart Centre) said: “I am aware of six other centres doing similar work. There seem to be two drivers, improvement of patient experience and capacity generation in the cath lab. Personally, having seen the difference it’s made in our journey, I believe this is the future and will likely expand as the functionality of devices increases (i.e. impedance cardiac output).”

“There is a new generation of external, two-lead devices coming onto the market, including devices with mobile SIM cards in that allow remote monitoring – but to my knowledge, the length of time that these can remain ‘in situ’ is still only a week or two, so there will always be a role for ILR,” he added.

The full paper is available now at

Reveal LINQ™ insertable cardiac monitoring system (Medtronic)

Reveal LINQ™ insertable cardiac monitoring system (Medtronic)

Published on: February 25, 2015

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