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New European atlas on the prevention of AF-related stroke launched

The burden of atrial fibrillation (AF)-related stroke prevention in different countries across Europe is shown by a comprehensive new report – ‘The Route Map for Change and European Atlas on the Prevention of AF-related Stroke’ – released recently the Arrhythmia Alliance.

The Route Map section of the report provides a synthesis of key data, issues and challenges remaining in the prevention of AF-related stroke. It also features case studies of successful examples of implementation from Italy, France, Romania, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, and many other countries. The Atlas features 27 individual country profiles from across the EU, and allows the reader to compare and contrast what different countries are doing to help prevent AF-related stroke.

The report reveals significant gaps in many countries in terms of poor public awareness of AF and AF-related stroke, under-detection of AF, and inequalities in the provision of anticoagulation medication to AF patients. These findings are a sobering reminder that significant efforts are needed to reduce the clinical, social and economic burden posed by AF-related stroke across Europe.

Over 20 different clinical experts and patient organisations contributed to the report. It is a powerful reminder that efforts are still needed to improve understanding of the increased risk of stroke in people with AF and to ensure that AF patients in all countries have equal access to appropriate treatment and care to help reduce their risk of stroke.

The full interactive report can be accessed here:

Published on: December 19, 2014

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