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University of Leeds students start advanced medical research

Two University of Leeds students will research aspects of medicine that are linked with heart disease, which could help towards finding new treatments in the future, with the support of two EXSEL (Excellence in Scholarship, Enterprise and Leadership) programme scholarships, funded by Heart Research UK.

Christopher Jones, from Wakefield, is looking at new exercise testing for patients with heart disease who are having major surgery as part of their preoperative screening. He will be testing individuals by putting them through new exercise protocol which aims to fully work the heart and lungs.

Chris will be testing patients over two minutes – aiming to work them harder – which should give a more accurate representation of whether it is safe for the patient to have heart surgery, and make a good recovery afterwards.

Jack Helliwell, from Dewsbury, will be researching new methods of treating chronic and non-healing venous and diabetic leg ulcers by creating a new ‘biological scaffold’ using pig skin placed on the ulcer to help regenerate new healthier cells. Evidence has shown that this new method will be less painful, more cost-effective and time-efficient, by working in just one application of the scaffold.

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 12.40.51

Christopher Jones, left, with Jack Helliwell, right

Both research projects began this summer and plan to continue throughout the rest of their studies, working alongside their research supervisors as they make further progress.

The EXSEL scholarship will help the students take the right steps into their career paths, Chris said: “This scholarship from Heart Research UK has helped give me a chance to explore my developing interest in a career in academic medicine, which you only get a small insight into through the medical curriculum”.

Jack said: “From this scholarship I know in the future I want to continue with my interest in medical research, but I also want to pursue a career in surgery”.

Barbara Harpham, the national director of Heart Research UK said:  “It’s amazing that we’re able to support students like Chris and Jack in their journey into medical research. These unique EXSEL scholarships are there to help young researchers become the experts of tomorrow, studying in national and international centers of excellence by sharing their knowledge with others.”

Published on: October 31, 2014

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