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WHF programme to improve experience of AF patients

An inaugural Patient Advisory Council held in Melbourne as part of the World Heart Federation (WHF) Congress of Cardiology has convened to discuss the atrial fibrillation (AF) patient journey and important factors related to this including symptom recognition, diagnosis, care management and patient adherence to treatment options.

Recommendations from the initial meeting addressed the needs of AF patients and their carers as well as the fact that there are gaps in diagnosis.  At the centre of the discussion, all Council members agreed that there is a real need for tailored support and education for people with AF. These should include  practical suggestions including counselling for patients and carers, a toolkit and other support such as blogs and web sites to help patients living with and the management of AF.

In addition to the patient support, the Patient Advisory Council agreed there are also actions required at the clinical and policy levels to improve AF care globally. The medical community would benefit from further training and information on AF; most countries have no national policies on AF, so targeting policies to provide better funding, training and campaigns focusing on the condition may help improve patient outcomes.

“AF is a debilitating and under-recognised illness, which affects millions of people worldwide.  The most important aspect of this initiative is the impact it is designed to have on people living with AF and their families, who need the right support and advice to help them cope with the condition. I am excited by the discussions we had in Melbourne and am looking forward to seeing this initiative grow and develop,” said Johanna Ralston, WHF Chief Executive.

The next stage of the programme will involve in-country workshops set to take place later this year where participants will work at a local level to move forward with the practical solutions to some of the problems highlighted in the inaugural meeting.

Published on: September 26, 2014

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