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Heart Rhythm Congress 2014

Delegates are invited to attend the 9th annual Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC). The event spans four days and this year will be held from 5th–8th October at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham UK.

With an impressive international faculty, HRC remains the largest and fastest growing heart rhythm meeting in the UK, providing education and training to promote diversity and improve technology for all involved in the treatment of arrhythmia patients. HRC is organised by Arrhythmia Alliance, The Heart Rhythm Charity, in partnership with the British Heart Rhythm Society.

The event is the only heart rhythm event on this scale that includes patients, nurse and physiologist education, primary care, shared practice and specialist accreditation. A trade exhibition runs throughout the four days with the latest technological developments from device and pharmaceutical manufacturers on display.

Scientific Programme

The Scientific Programme for this congress continues to develop. This year, the organising committee has expanded on the ever-popular lunchtime ‘Cases & Traces’ sessions and Young Investigators Competition presentations to help meet increased demand. Year-on-year the event continues to have significant increases in the number of abstracts submitted from both doctors and allied professionals and now hosts a dedicated allied professionals’ abstract session.

Hot Topics at Heart Rhythm Congress 2014

Left atrial fibrosis – can it be imaged and what is the value? This issue will be addressed by Dr Prapa Kanagaratnam, AF management and ablation specialist at St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College. The session is part of the “Hot Topics” in AF and is being held on Monday 6 October, and chaired by Professor Richard Schilling, Consultant Cardiologist and Honorary Reader, St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Monday’s Hot Topics session will also see a discussion on improving anticoagulation treatments, led by electrophysiologist Dr Riccardo Cappato from Milan, Italy. Recent medical studies have revealed a stagnation in anticoagulation care, with anticoagulant-associated intracerebral haemorrhage mortality rates remaining as high as 42.3% to 67% for the last two decades. Dr Cappato’s panel will ask where we go from here to advance patient care and safety.

New for 2014

An Electrophysiology Traces Course will be held on the first day of the conference (Sunday). This course is designed to instruct electrophysiology SpRs/Fellows on the electrocardiographic and electrophysiological interpretation of complex arrhythmias.

On Monday, interactive educational short sessions will begin in the exhibition area, the first of which will be hosted by Dr Derek Rowlands and will focus on “Some everyday ECGs which are not always clearly understood.” This promises to be an informative as well as interactive, lunchtime session.

The Tuesday lunchtime will see expert contestants grilled on all areas of arrhythmias in the event’s “Have I Got Arrhythmias For You” quiz show. Dr Steve Murray, Electrophysiologist at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, will lead an informal discussion and practical demonstration on the power of suggestion on Wednesday and discuss how it may modulate physiology, “Jedi Mind tricks and the art of suggestion in arrhythmia”.

Details on agenda items, registration, nurse exam coaching sessions and the full HRC agenda can be viewed at

For information about Arrhythmia Alliance, visit

Information on the British Heart Rhythm Society can be found at

Published on: September 26, 2014

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