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New T-wave morphology analysis system

An analysis system which enables biopharmaceutical companies to analyse detailed morphology of the electrocardiography (ECG) T-wave (QT Guard Plus™, eResearchTechnology, Inc.) is to be introduced to the clinical trial industry, following an agreement between its manufacturers and GE Healthcare.

The system identifies and quantifies characteristic changes in the shape of the T-wave found in drugs that produce Torsades de Pointes (TdP). The ability to perform this quantitative analysis could help to distinguish between drugs which are proarrhythmic and those which are not.

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“We believe that T-wave morphology analysis may help to better assess the arrhythmogenic potential of drugs which have a small or equivocal QT effect, and may be a very useful adjunct to traditional QT studies,” said Dr Robert Kleiman, eResearchTechnology, Inc.’s Chief Medical Officer. “The initial peer-reviewed literature is very promising…T-wave morphology analysis may help improve cardiac safety while preserving the drug development pipeline.”

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Published on: April 30, 2014

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