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Atrial Fibrillation Association

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AF Aware Week

The Atrial Fibrillation Association (AFA) is holding its first international atrial fibrillation (AF) Aware Week from 24–30 November, dedicated to raising awareness and promoting better understanding of AF.

AF Aware Week’s aims are simple: Making AF detection and protection a priority.

Detect – Raising awareness of pulse checks/ECG screening for detection of AF.

Protect – Educating people on the importance of anticoagulation for protection from AF-related stroke and therapies to reduce or stop debilitating symptoms.

A variety of free posters and awareness resources are available for supporters to download. Anyone organising a large public awareness event or display is encouraged to email to let the AFA know about their planned event. Some event ideas provided for inspiration are:

Patients and carers

  • Put up posters in your workplace
  • Share your story – organisers are on the lookout for inspirational AF patient stories

Healthcare professionals

  • Hold a display in your work place
  • Arrange a pulse check awareness event to identify new AF cases in your community
  • Sign up to the Heart of AF and access the latest resources and tools on AF
  • Share the AF Revalidation Tool with your network to dispel the aspirin myth in prevention of stroke
  • Register your details to the Heart Rhythm Specialists directory

Calendar of international events during AF Aware Week

Sunday 24th NovemberPatient Day at Europe AF. A day for patients, carers and healthcare professionals to learn from each other and share experiences of living with AF.

Tuesday 26th November – Consensus Meeting: Stroke Risk Reduction in non-oral anticoagulant candidates. Meeting to establish the consensus on how left atrial appendage procedure (LAAO) should be used to reduce the risk of stroke in AF.

Wednesday 27th November All Party Parliamentary Group on AF (APGAF) meeting. The autumn meeting of APGAF in the House of Commons will look at ways to improve the treatment and diagnosis of AF.

Key messages for AF Aware Week

  • 1 in 4 people will develop AF, a common heart rhythm disorder
  • Every 15 seconds someone suffers an AF-related stroke. AF is the most powerful single risk factor for suffering a deadly or debilitating stroke
  • AF can be detected cheaply and easily with simple manual pulse checks
  • Treatment with an anticoagulant is vital to reduce the risk of stroke
  • For AF Aware Week, make the detection and protection of AF a priority

Published on: November 20, 2013

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