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14-year-old boy bridged to transplant with
 total artificial heart

Surgeons have successfully implanted a temporary artificial heart (Total artificial heart, SynCardia) into a 14-year-old boy with biventricular heart failure and diffuse clot formation in the left ventricle, using diagnostic technology to ensure its proper fit prior to actual surgery. The multidisciplinary team at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Arizona, determined this artificial heart was the only available choice for the patient due to his conditions, according to a recent report.1

Following the implant, the patient experienced progressive respiratory insufficiency stemming from mucus obstructions in the airway.  The team obtained additional chest computed tomography (CT) scans and virtual 3D modeling to determine there were no blockages of major vascular structures, no evidence of left pulmonary vein compression, and the primary airways were open.

Fwd_ Case Report on 14-Year-Old Pediatric Total Artificial Heart Patient Published in Perfusion Journal“Cat-scan imaging of the chest, in conjunction with a virtual 3D modeling system, helped determine whether the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart could actually be placed in the child’s chest,” explained corresponding author D Bradford Sanders, chief perfusionist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. “It also guided the postoperative course.”

“Virtual implantation is a critically important new development for treating end stage biventricular heart failure in paediatric and adult congenital heart patients,” said Michael P Garippa, president and CEO of SynCardia Systems, Inc. “The ability to plan in advance for the individual’s unique anatomic abnormalities and past surgeries to address these issues at the pre-operative stage helps create good outcomes for implantation patients.”



1. Park SS, Sanders DB, BP Smith, et al. Total artificial heart in the pediatric patient with biventricular heart failure. Perfusion 2013;28

Published on: October 30, 2013

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