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Large scale audit of nurse-led clinics in the UK

The number of nurse-led clinics in cardiac care have grown enormously in the UK since the late 1990s. Nurses generally, but not exclusively, practice at what is known as an advanced practice level, demonstrating a variety of skills to meet the needs of the cardiac patient in their clinics.

This can include monitoring the patient’s condition, health promotion, treatment planning, independent nurse prescribing, physical examination and evaluating treatment and care.

Importantly, nurse-led clinics are a valued method of service delivery to achieve a variety of quality standards, including those set by NICE. These can include reducing waiting times and improving the overall patient experience. Nurses remain in a unique position of having in-depth knowledge of service and patient needs, being in the front line delivery of care and evaluating care and service decisions. Therefore, where many planning decisions are made by those at a distance from the clinical area, supporting nurses running their own clinics with clear objectives, remains critical.

Much has been written on the many clinics that have been developed, with some excellent studies comparing care offered by other healthcare professionals. However, in terms of service development, little is known on a wider scale about the factors which help and hinder the development of such clinics. Such work would allow those new to clinic development to progress with their service more smoothly, perhaps utilising a toolkit guide, and would hopefully make the nurses and patient experience even more positive.

To this end, Dr Richard Hatchett, Dr Jillian Riley and Dr Theresa Wiseman, three nurse researchers with strong connections to cardiac nursing, are undertaking a large-scale audit of nurse-led clinics in the UK. They would welcome nurses who run their own cardiac clinics to undertake a short survey to allow the building of this broad knowledge base to ultimately enhance service delivery. The data submitted will be anonymous and will form part of a publication to increase knowledge in this area. The link below offers more details.

Survey available at:

For further information, contact Dr Richard Hatchett at

Published on: July 30, 2013

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