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Fundal examination – on the move

Healthcare providers can remotely capture, store, send and retrieve ophthalmoscope images using a smartphone, with a new device (iExaminer,™ Welch Allyn).

The device consists of a hardware adaptor and associated software, capturing and transmitting retinal images for rapid eyeground image documentation.

The adaptor aligns the optical access of the opthalmoscope to the visual axis of the iPhone 4 or 4S camera to capture high resolution pictures of a patient’s fundus and retinal nerve. The software application, available from the Apple App Store, then allows physicians to save images to a patient file, as well as e-mail and print the images.

The device is currently pending 510(k) clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“This is the first affordable device to give almost anyone, anywhere the ability to capture a picture of the back of the eye,” said Dr Wyche Coleman, inventor of the adaptor. “I was able to take this very lightweight, portable, inexpensive iExaminer to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in sub-Saharan Africa and take a picture of a patient’s fundus. From the top of the mountain, I then transmitted it to a doctor at Johns Hopkins University in the United States where he was able to analyse the image”.

Screen shot 2012-10-17 at 15.45.40

iExaminer,™ Welch Allyn

Published on: October 19, 2012

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