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Since the turn of the century nurse-led clinics have grown steadily both in numbers and in the skills demonstrated by nurses across a variety of countries. The United Kingdom particularly saw a huge growth in the late 1990s, as the government recognised a need to make healthcare more equitable and evidence-based and avoid what it saw as a postcode lottery in service provision.

The National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease was part of the catalyst to the development of a large variety of such clinics, monitoring patient’s cardiac conditions and in more recent years allowing the manipulation of medications and independent prescribing. The skills demonstrated in clinics can vary, but generally nurses are educated to Masters level and demonstrate advanced practice skills, offering an important service to patients living with cardiac disease.

Dr Richard Hatchett, then a nurse tutor, edited the first text (for Routledge) examining the value of nurse-led clinics in health care. After chairing a series of conferences he set up the free to access website in 2010.

“The aim is to bring together nurses who run their own clinics and share information across the globe, as often they do tend to work in isolation”, he says. “The website has in fact taken on a more educative and news sharing focus, with nurses running clinics allowing themselves to be filmed, both demonstrating advanced practice skills and discussing issues, such as how to write a business case or measure a clinic’s effectiveness”.

The site is always keen to hear from colleagues who want to share best practice and comment on this form of service delivery.

“The importance for nurse-led clinics is that they are measurably effective and not seen as some form of second rate service to doctor-led practice”, Richard says. “In addition, there are many other factors associated with nurse-led clinics. These nurses are not mini-doctors but bring something unique from our profession to the patient and their loved ones. Hopefully our website will raise the profile of nurse-led clinics and keep those running them informed, up to date and connected.”

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Published on: July 24, 2012

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