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HRC 2012 – what’s in store

This year’s Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC), an annual event organised by Arrhythmia Alliance, The Heart Rhythm Charity, in partnership with Heart Rhythm UK, will be held from 23rd–26th September.

Patient Day marks the opening of the event, structured to incorporate Q&A sessions, presentations and workshops, giving arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and syncope patients the opportunity to meet with one another, and discuss their experiences of care and treatment.

In addition, the day will include talks from leading cardiologists, electrophysiologists and nurses, all helping field patient questions and shed light on treatment options.

Keynote speakers and their relevant sessions will be:

Dr Pedro Brugada, Brussels BE

Monday 24th September

  • Channelopathies – Brugada Update
  • Expanding Guidelines and Practices in New Therapy (Sponsored by Boston Scientific)

Prof A John Camm, London UK

Monday 24th September

  • The Impact of New 2012 Atrial Fibrillation Guidelines on the Use of Anti-arrhythmic Drugs (Sponsored by Sanofi)

Tuesday 25th September

  • How has it been for you? An update on AF in 2012 (Supported by Atrial Fibrillation Association)

Prof Gregory Y Lip, Birmingham UK

Tuesday 25th September

  • How has it been for you? An update on AF in 2012 (Supported by Atrial Fibrillation Association)
  • AF & Stroke Prevention (Supported by Atrial Fibrillation Association)

Wednesday 26th September

  • AF Debates (Supported by Atrial Fibrillation Association)

Dr Mike Gibson, Boston USA

Tuesday 25th September

  • Advances in Anti-Coagulation – The Age of Choice (Sponsored by Bayer)

Trudie Lobban MBE, spoke to BJC Arrhythmia Watch on the Congress’ growth and this year’s highlights:

What does HRC offer?

“Heart Rhythm Congress offers all healthcare professionals involved in the care and treatment arrhythmia patients to come together to share best practice and learn about the latest developments in device and drug treatments.”

“Heart Rhythm Congress will be held this year at the Birmingham International Convention Centre (ICC). In past years we have chosen to host the event at the Birmingham Hilton but, due to increasing attendance numbers at HRC, we have outgrown our old venue. Thanks to booming interest in heart rhythm disorders the event has grown in the seven years since its inception. There is provision for over 3000 delegates at the event this year, a fabulous achievement and testament to the interest in improving both access to, and provision of, patient care.”

What do you hope HRC will achieve?

“It is our aim that healthcare professionals from around the UK and beyond, attend Heart Rhythm Congress and share best practice following the regional cardiac update meetings hosted by Arrhythmia Alliance. We are an alliance of many different groups and HRC is a unique event, where our members can exchange ideas, ensuring that the patient experience continues to improve, diagnosis rates increase and treatment of arrhythmias becomes less daunting and more easily accessible.”

“Arrhythmia Alliance Regional Cardiac Update Meetings are taking place throughout 2012 (more information Meetings last for one day and engage primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare professionals interested in atrial fibrillation and device therapy in discussion of the impacts of treatment and ways to improve the quality of patient outcome. To learn more, please click here”

What will be the content of each day?

“Following Patient Day on Sunday 23rd September there will be three days of interactive tutorials, accreditation courses and meetings hosted by representatives from both the Department of Health, Primary Care Trusts, NHS-I, secondary and tertiary care. There will also be a trade exhibition running throughout the congress. The content of these events will be both informative and educational – we are an umbrella organisation and will ensure that content for a broad spectrum of interests will be covered.”

Why is the event so important?

“Heart Rhythm Congress is the only event in the UK where medical professionals and those with an interest in arrhythmias, whether these are patients, carers, doctors physiologists or nurses can meet and discuss challenges and experiences with treatment and care.”

To find out more and register to attend Heart Rhythm Congress 23rd–26th September visit


Programme here –

Published on: June 25, 2012

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