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British Red Cross launch first aid app

The British Red Cross has launched a free first aid app, advising smartphone users on how to act in an emergency. The app features advice on 18 everyday first aid scenarios, including cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Joe Mulligan, British Red Cross head of first aid education, said:  “It’s vital that everybody knows basic first aid skills to help themselves and the people around them, and this app is a great way to reach people who may never go to a class. By harnessing mobile technology, with this app anyone can have life-saving skills at their fingertips”.

“Mobile markets anticipate a growth for as many as 2 billion smartphones a year and our new and first-ever app is a step in adjusting our services to anticipate this massive change. We are positive that as one of the leading agencies in this field, our app will make positive humanitarian difference,” he added.

Studies by the charity show that, although 81% of people believe everyone should know basic first aid, just half of those surveyed felt confident they would be able to help if someone collapsed in front of them.

photoMulligan told ArWatch: “We cover matters of cardiac arrest under the ‘unconscious and not breathing’ section.  Symptoms related to this condition are significantly explained in the app as we learnt the public find it a complex state to respond to. Our tips and advice are packaged in a simple way to ensure people respond confidently when faced with such circumstances”.

“We believe that having basic first aid skills helps keep families and communities safer. The Red Cross encourages everybody to take the responsibility to learn first aid before an emergency strikes. This app makes our knowledge and experience in first aid readily accessible to smartphone users who can not only access it instantly when they need it, but also allows them to learn first aid at a time that suits them”.

To download the British Red Cross first aid app, use the Quick Response (QR) codes at or find it on iTunes AppStore, Android Market or Blackberry Appworld.

Published on: January 10, 2012

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