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SAGE partnership with Which Medical Device

SAGE Publications recently announced a partnership with Which Medical Device (, an online review site providing independent, expert opinion and reviews of medical devices.

Launched in 2010, Which Medical Device was created to help medical professionals search, locate, review and compare medical devices specific to their specialities. The site also provides video footage of devices in use, and allows members to exchange opinions and insights that will help them to select devices to optimise patient outcomes.

SAGE publishes more than 675 journals worldwide, including a complementary programme of 150 titles across Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Their  collaboration aims to provide the medical community with an independent, dynamic and high quality resource.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with Which Medical Device to develop this unique site,” said Tessa Picknett, Associate Director, SAGE. “SAGE continues to actively seek opportunities to creatively engage with the communities for whom we publish, and to develop innovative solutions that support the global medical community”.

The Which Medical Device team, left to right: Dr Phil Haslam; Mr Craig Gerrand, Mr Steve Walmsley

The Which Medical Device team, left to right: Dr Phil Haslam; Mr Craig Gerrand, Mr Steve Walmsley

“Which Medical Device is the only site where clinicians can read genuinely independent reviews, which are created by highly respected practising clinicians; we are committed to bringing this important endeavour to a global audience.”

Steve Walmsley, Business Development Director at Which Medical Device, added “SAGE were a natural partner for us, sharing as they do the principles and values we hold important and which have established Which Medical Device as an authoritative voice in the medical device sector. We’re very much looking forward to working with the SAGE teams across the globe to establish Which Medical Device as the place to go for device information, review and opinion”.

“As more devices become available to support clinicians, it’s vital cardiologists can share their experiences of using these devices to help other’s make informed decisions and hopefully ensure a better outcome for patients” said Dr Phil Haslam, joint Editor in Chief, Which Medical Device.

Which Medical Device is also looking for associate and specialist editors in the field of cardiology, professionals who are passionate about the work they do and would like to share their experience, knowledge and understanding with fellow clinicians across the world. If you might be interested, Dr Phil Haslam or Mr Craig Gerrand would like to hear from you. Please contact or

Published on: December 1, 2011

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