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Defibrillators are to be donated to 24 UK schools as part of the Hand On Heart campaign – a collaboration between an online supplier of the devices and three firms linked to the industry.

The campaign began as a partnership between and Laerdal, a manufacturer of medical training products, then incorporating Philips Electronics who will supply the devices free of charge. First aid training provider Imperative are also involved, the campaign aiming to instruct at least 700 children in basic life support, and 144 teachers on proper use of a defibrillator. project manager Gina Harris said: “We believe as manufacturers, distributors and trainers that defibrillators are incredibly important pieces of equipment, particularly if you look at the statistics, where 12 young children die every week from sudden cardiac arrest”.

“We believe that the Hand on Heart campaign is a very powerful way of raising awareness to the problem of cardiac arrest in the young but also a way of doing something positive about it by providing life saving solutions into schools.”

gina harris project manager Gina Harris

“If you have to wait for an ambulance it maybe too late whereas if you have a defibrillator and are able to use it, the victim’s chance of survival leaps to approximately 78 per cent chance of survival -  that is certainly money and time well invested.”

Schools can apply for a grant for a free device, or partner with a local business to support their application – Manchester City Football Club has joined the programme recently, nominating the North East Manchester Academy for selection.

Sales manager Paula Leech said: “Due to a lack of screening in young people fatal heart conditions are not diagnosed until they go into cardiac arrest. Our key objective is to educate and equip staff and pupils with the knowledge and skills to save a life”.

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Published on: July 12, 2011

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