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New Immunoassays Aid Cardiac Biomarker Testing

A commercial system of STAT immunoassays for cardiac biomarker testing has been released recently (cobas® 6000, Roche). The series constitutes an integrated system designed for diagnostic labs with medium testing volumes.

With a nine-minute duration, the assays are faster than any other cardiac immunoassay tests currently available on an integrated platform, enabling labs to deliver results to doctors treating cardiac patients in about half the time of standard Roche tests.

cardiac immunoassay tests
Roche has introduced a complete battery of STAT immunoassays for cardiac biomarker testing.

The new STAT immunoassay tests include troponin T, CK-MB, myoglobin and NT-proBNP and run on the cobas e 601 analyser, part of the cobas 6000 analyser series, an integrated platform that offers both clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing. The STAT tests are virtually equivalent to Roche’s 18-minute tests in performance, precision and sensitivity.

“In critical care environments that require rapid decision-making, this new line of STAT assays can help healthcare facilities meet current cardiac care turnaround time guidelines,” said Hans-Juergen Loyda, Ph.D., MBA, director of clinical development and education at Roche Diagnostics Corporation. “Making the tests available on the cobas 6000 series gives labs the option to run Roche STAT assays on either stand-alone or integrated platforms.”

Published on: April 6, 2011

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