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‘Connecting’ The Arrhythmia Community

For all those with an interest in cardiac rhythm management Connect, which is the Medtronic online newsletter, provides an invaluable read. This is available from:

The current 2011 issue has new content related to Heart Failure, Catheter Ablation for AF, and Reveal ICMs. Information on several educational opportunities occurring within the next several months is also included.
Other new topics in the March issue include:

  • New Advances in AF Ablation: Cryoballoon-based Pulmonary Vein Isolation
  • Arctic Front CryoAblation Procedure Video
  • STOP AF Clinical Study
  • Physician Testimonials for Arctic Front CryoAblation Catheter
  • CRT Meta-analysis
  • RAFT Results
  • PICTURE Study
  • Reveal® DX & XT ICMs Case Studies
  • Reveal ICM Implant Tips Video
  • Reveal Patient Video
  • Medtronic Cardiac Leads & Delivery Systems Product Catalog
  • Medtronic Product LifeCycle Documentary Videos
  • Reveal DX/XT mini-site — Learn all about Insertable Cardiac Monitor therapy

Home page Spotlight survey:

Calling all Pacing Lead Implanters — Offer your feedback & affect a new lead design

Archived Webinars

  • Duty-cycled Phased AF Technology Explained
  • PVAC ECG Interpretation for Pulmonary Vein Isolation

New CME/CEU Opportunities Including:

  • Inappropriate ICD Shocks: Psychosocial & Quality-of-Life Implications for the
    ICD Patient
  • New Perspectives in Risk Evaluation in Heart Failure & SCA
  • Evidence-Based Treatment of Heart Failure: Inequities in Care
  • Understanding & Managing the Contradiction of Appropriate Shocks in
    Primary Prevention of ICD Patients: Increasing & Decreasing the Risk for Death
  • Adoption of Guideline-Recommended Care in Heart Failure: Two-Year Results
    from IMPROVE HF
  • CRT-D Monitoring and Risk for Hospitalization in Heart Failure
  • CRT-D vs CRT-P: Multinational Perspectives on Device Strategies
  • MRI-Safe Pacemakers: Should They Be Used in All Eligible Patients
  • Utilization of ICD Therapy With or Without CRT in Heart Failure: Is the
    Evidence in Synchrony?

New Educational Events include:

  • Heart Rhythm 2011 (May 4-7 in San Francisco)
  • 2011 AF Summit (May 4 in San Francisco)
  • Comprehensive Management of CIED Infection (May 4 in San Francisco)
  • The Grand Debate: CRT-D vs CRT-P (May 5 in San Francisco)
  • Primer in Vascular Disease (May 5-6)
  • EUROPACE 2011 (June 26-29 in Madrid)
  • 12th Annual Intensive Review of Cardiology (August 20-24)
  • 3rd Annual Diabetes & the Heart (August 25-26)
  • ESC 2011 (August 27-31 in Paris)

This is a sample of the events available over the next few months. Visit for more information.

Published on: April 6, 2011

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