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Medtronic Develops New Paediatric Oxygenator

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, has successfully used the new Affinity PixieTM paediatric oxygenator from Medtronic in its first clinical cases for infant and paediatric heart surgery.

The Affinity Pixie oxygenator (Picture) is a sophisticated oxygenation system. Paediatric oxygenators are used in open heart surgery for correcting paediatric congenital heart disorders. These operations can typically be performed within 60 days of the baby’s birth and some children may undergo several surgical procedures over a few years to correct their congenital heart disorder.

med-affin-pixieThe Affinity Pixie Oxygenation System with BalanceTM Biosurface* gained CE Mark for clinical use throughout the European Union on 30th May 2010. It is not yet available in the United States for clinical use. The Affinity Pixie is designed for use with a broader range of patients and can be used to support approximately 75% of the neonate, infant and paediatric population undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass (it has a maximum flow rate of 2.0 L/min and a low prime volume of just 48 mL). The system also features the Affinity OrbitTM Holder System, which provides versatile device positioning and port orientation to aid reductions in circuit tubing length and associated prime volume.

Additionally, it includes new design elements such as a hydrophilic biosurface without heparin (Balance Biosurface) to minimize the interaction of the patient’s blood with foreign surfaces inside the device.

The Affinity Pixie Oxygenation System is an additional step in a larger programme by Medtronic to develop a range of innovative new perfusion products to assist surgery for both for children and adults over the next few years.

Medtronic is launching a “Commitment to Perfusion” campaign around the world, for more information please use the following link: or to become part of the Perfusion Insider community go to:

* Technology licensed under agreement from BioInteractions Limited, United Kingdom.

Published on: July 22, 2010

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