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Arrhythmia Awareness Week, 7-13 June 2010

Now in its seventh year, Arrhythmia Awareness Week (AAAW) has been instrumental in helping to highlight heart rhythm disorders and work towards improving the diagnosis and treatment of this once largely overlooked area.

AAAW 2010, from June 7th-13th intends to raise public and medical awareness of the pulse as a means of identifying potential cardiac arrhythmias, with a ‘Know Your Pulse’ campaign.  The long term goal is for routine pulse checks to be performed in GP surgeries. For information on the ‘Know Your Pulse’ initiative, visit

This year’s events for AAAW will include regional pulse check sessions where professionals educate members of the public in this simple heath check procedure. A-A will also use the week to gather data surrounding the efficacy of pulse checks.

The ‘Know Your Pulse’ campaign also reflects the Department of Health’s focus on Atrial Fibrillation as a leading cause of stroke by promoting early and effective screening.   Examples of best practice are available to view at As part of this, A-A is advocating to Primary Care Trusts that they include pulse checks in the NHS cardiovascular Health Checks and in flu clinics.

A-A and AFA have also developed supporting resources for professionals and areas looking to incorporate manual pulse checks into their practice.  These include toolkits, publications, and website materials which can be viewed, downloaded and ordered through the A-A, AFA and ‘Know Your Pulse’ websites.

Over the next few months, A-A will continue to source data relating to the benefits and costs associated with performing pulse screening.  If you would like to submit evidence or require further information about the ‘Know Your Pulse’ campaign please contact Joanna Fearnley at or 01789 451 823.

Published on: May 6, 2010

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